Many of you don’t know that right now there is legislation pending in Albany that would LEGALIZE cannabis – cultivation, sale and use for all adults over 21– in New York. Right now.

It’s called the “Marihuana Regulation and Taxation Act”.  Activists call it the “MRTA”. (We call the disastrous ‘medical marijuana’ law that Governor Cuomo forced on the state in 2014 the “CCA”.) You can find the text of the MRTA here. The MRTA follows the basic premise of treating cannabis like NYS treats alcohol: you would be able to buy it in a store and take it home or you could buy it in a “cannabis café” and smoke it there, like in Amsterdam. 

If you’re eighteen or over you can grow up to six plants, three of which can be mature.  The MRTA would start the process of vacating some convictions for cannabis possession and allow people to apply for re-sentencing for some drug felonies.


Activist Resources:
Action alert from Empire State NORML to support the