The Global Marijuana March

In 1999, the annual "Smoke-out" that had be occurring in NYC on the first Saturday of every May since 1971, went GLOBAL! Due largely because of the efforts of long time YIPPIE Activist & Ibogaine proponent, Dana Beal, along with the coalition organized by his group Cures Not Wars ("CNW") which was made up of activists from the Youth International Party along with other NYC Drug Policy wonks.  

Together, Dana and his dedicated group of organizers at CNW created an international movement of nearly 500 cities in dozens of countries world wide. Thus, the Global Marijuana March ("GMM") was born! For 19 years since, on the first Saturday of every May, we've organized and demonstrated in solidarity against the harmful criminal justice approach to drug policy most of the governments around the world have embraced.

To this day, there are still dozens of GMM events occurring around the world, loosely affiliated with one and another under the GMM branding. Below, you'll find a selection of graphics for some of these cities participating in the 2018 GMM.