What's the NYC Cannabis Parade?

The New York City Cannabis Parade ("Cannabis Parade") is the Local & Founding Chapter of the Global Marijuana March.

The Cannabis Parade consists of multiple components:

giant joint 420 march

Assembly Rally

Since 2013 the New York City Cannabis Parade has hosted a variety of speakers with small stage and amplified sound starting at 11:00 AM located at our Parade assembly site (W.31st & Broadway).

Speakers have included: Democrat, Libertarian and Green Party Candidates for public office; International, National and Locally renowned Drug Policy experts and advocates, Patients and Victims of the Drug War; AND MORE!


The Parade portion of the event begins to go into formation at High Noon, typically with vehicles in the rear and lead by the Grand Marshal under the NYC Cannabis Parade Banner.

At 12:30 PM Sharp the Parade steps off and proceeds down the route. Year after year attendance in the parade has increased to over 3 blocks long last year. 

The parade route takes almost exactly one half hour to complete with our contingents and marchers energizing New York City with a variety or chants, songs and a overall fun atmosphere. 


420 parade

420 rally nyc


The Rally portion of the event Starts as the Parade arrives at 1:00 PM with the MC greeting our arriving parade goers and introducing the first act.

This part of the event consists of political speakers from elected officials to activists, patients and experts in the field of drug policy along with live entertainment going from your favorite musicians and comedians that support the cause to the awesome local band you've never heard of and even musical theater performances.

at 4:19 we start our 4:20 count-down with a special guest and will have a light selections of music and speaker afterwards until 5:00 PM when cleanup commences.