Dear NYC cannabis community:

Due to the serious challenges that the coronavirus poses to the health, safety and economy of New York, the NYCannabis Parade & Rally will not take place this year in the same way that it has for the past four and a half decades.

We’re exploring options for a virtual event. Stay tuned to our website and follow and like us on social media for more information about the event and New York legalization news.

Global Marijuana March

5/1-3 MardisGrass, Nimbin, Australia

5/2 Global Cannabis March, Capetown, South Africa

5/2 Global Cannabis March, Durban, South Africa

5/2 Global Marijuana March, Port Louis, Mauritius

5/2 World Hemp MarchMoscow, St. Petersburg, Perm and Chelyabinsk, Russia

5/2 Global Marijuana March, Copenhagen, Denmark

5/2 Global Cannabis March, Estonia

5/2 Global Marijuana March, Heidelberg, Germany

5/2-3 Global Marijuana March, Toronto, Canada