Join Us, May 5th 2018...

...As we march down the streets of New York city supporting our demands in solidarity:

What / Who:

Where / When:


This event was started back in the early 70's by Drug Policy advocate, Dana Beal, through his organization, Cures not Wars. Always focused on cannabis and drug policy, and always taking place the first Saturday of May but has gone by many names: Fifth Ave Pot Parade, Jay Day, Cannabis March, The Yippie Parade and more....

In 1999, this Yippie NYC tradition went Global under the new goal & moniker: The Million Marijuana March, but as that was quickly exceeded with over 500 cities in dozens of countries participating the first year, it blossomed into a huge grassroots global movement: The Global Marijuana March (GMM), with reportedly over 800 cites in 2016.

May 5th
(First Saturday of May.)

Parade assembly:

The Parade assembly will start gathering at the intersection of West 31st and Broadway, with some speakers and our MC to rally up the crowd.

Parade Launch:

For the past 5 years, the Parade has launched from West 31st and Broadway then marched down Broadway towards Union Sq.
The route takes 30 minutes to complete.


The rally has been located at Union Square South Plaza for the past 5 years and consists of a mix of activism, speakers and entertainment for four hours in Union Sq.

NYC, once labeled the "Marijuana Arrest Capital of the World" under the Bloomberg administration, hasn't fared much better with his successor, including a 10% jump last year alone.

With states across the nation passing laws to tax and regulate cannabis alike alcohol, New York  has an legislative initiative called the Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act ("MRTA"), which is an opportunity for New Yorker's to step let their voices be heard.

In connection with the Global Marijuana March, we also want to raise awareness on the harm the War on Drugs has had across the globe, not just Cannabis Prohibition alone.

We fully support ending the prohibition on all illicit substances.

The Global Marijuana March 

Videos from a few of all the cities over the planet, over to 800 events organized in the 5 continents every year since 1999 for the Million Marijuana March or Global Marijuana March. New York, Köln, Buenos Aires, Lyon, Rio de Janeiro, Prague, Cape Town and much more...