The Event


The New York City Cannabis Parade & Rally (NYCCPR) is among the longest running marijuana legalization events in the world. What began as a “Smoke-In” in Washington Square Park organized by the Yippies in 1973 has evolved into a three-part Event: A Parade down Broadway, a Rally in Union Square Park and a celebratory After-Party, all on the first Saturday in May. Sister events take place in cities worldwide on the same day. NYCCPR is the founding chapter of the Global Marijuana March.

After grounding to to a halt in 2020 with New York City overwhelmed by Covid-19, NYCCPR came back in 2021 on May 1, but scaled down as according to the City's Covid regulations. That didn't prevent us from celebrating the passage of the Marihuana Regulation and Taxation Act that legalized cannabis on March 31. "Young people are able to celebrate today without a fear that a little bit of marijuana in their pocket could ruin their lives," Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer told the crowd in Union Square. "More freedom, less fear."

We're proud to have, for many decades, played a role in educating New Yorkers about prohibition and what needed to be done to change the state's outdated cannabis laws. Now that it has happened - in New Jersey and Connecticut as well - we urge other states to create fair and equitable commerical marketplaces. On the federal level, change is moving slower. And, on the local level, there are legal changes happening with other drugs, including psychedelics, heroin and cocaine. 

This year’s Parade & Rally will be both a celebration and acknowledgement of hard work well done by so many activists and advocates. New York has come a long way from when it was the Marijuana Arrest Capitol of the World. As we enter a new era, we must remain vigilant and keep our eyes on implementation and diversity as the cannabis industry grows in New York and across the Northeast.


Event Details

There are three components to the NYCCPR: The Parade, the Rally and the After-Party.



Assembly begins at 11 am on the East side of Broadway between 32 and 33 Streets. Contingents assemble as speakers address the crowd. The Parade begins marching at 12 pm.

The Route is: Southbound on Broadway from 32 St. to Union Square Park at 14 St..



The 2024 Rally will take place from 1-5 pm in Union Square Park, South Plaza at 14 St., between University Place and Fourth Ave. It begins at 1 pm when the Parade arrives at the Park. The Rally features a wide variety of prominent speakers – elected officials, activists, and industry leaders – and musical entertainment by world-class performers, such as Redman, Dead Prez and 420 Funk Mob. The speeches build to the 4:20 countdown and the Rally continues with music and speakers until the program ends at 5 pm sharp. The 2024 lineup includes Havoc from Mobb Deep and Raul Midón.

Sponsors and drug eform organizations set up booths and tables opposite the stage in the Plaza.


After Party

For the second year in a row, the After-Party will take place at THC NYC at 427 Broadway in Soho. Tickets are available here.