Dear NYC cannabis community:

Due to the serious challenges that the coronavirus poses to the health, safety and economy of New York, the NYCannabis Parade & Rally will not take place this year in the same way that it has for the past four and a half decades.

We’re exploring options for a virtual event. Stay tuned to our website and follow and like us on social media for more information about the event and New York legalization news.




Lieutenant Jack A. Cole

Co-Founder, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

Rafael Espinal

Member, NYC City Council

John Clifton

Libertarian Party of New York (LPNY)

James Lane

Green Party Candidate, Congress District 11

Joseph 'Jazz' Hayden

All Things Harlem

Dana Beal

Founder, Global Marijuana March
Founder, Cures Not Wars

Jaime Gonzalez

Member, Ayotzinapa NY

Occupy Wall Street

Laura Notini

Regional Coordinator, NORML Women's Alliance
Board Member, Empire State NORML

Jeronimo Saldana

Legislative and Organizing Coordinator, Drug Policy Alliance (DPA)

Mike Krawitz

Veterans For Medical Cannabis Access (VMCA)



Lord Digga Da Highsman


Sadat X from Brand Nubian

Treach from Naughty By Nature

Keith Murray from The Def Squad

DJ Moody

Ishmael Levi

Smoothe Da Hustler

DoItAll from Lords of the Underground

Squala Orphan

Dan Fogler

Hakim Green from Channel Live