Dana Beal

Founder, Global Marijuana March
Founder, Cures Not Wars
Advocate, Ibogaine

Rob Robinson

Co-founder & Co-director, NY Cannabis Alliance
Host, NY Harvest Fest

Vanessa Maria

Director (corporation) , East Coast Cannabis Coalition
Board Member, Coalition for Medical Marijuana--New Jersey, Inc.

Oliver Rosenberg

Progressive Democrat Candidate, Congress in New York’s 10th district

Donna Schwier

Daniel Vila

Chair, Manhattan Greens
Green Party Candidate, Congress, 13th district of the US House of Representatives. (Harlem and South West Bronx)

Aron Kay a.k.a Pie Man

Yippie Pie Thrower
Cancer Survivor

Jake Plowden

Vice President, Baruch Students for Sensible Drug Policy
Co-founder, Cannabis Cultural Association

Kimberleigh Krepp

Founder & Director, Capitol District Cannabis Consortium
Producer/Host, Capitol Cannabis
State Leader, Americans for Cannabis

Alex Merced

Libertarian Party Candidate, U.S. Senate in NY
Chair, Brooklyn Libertarian Party
Chair, Manhattan Libertarian Party



Lord Digga Da Heisman w/ Family & Friends

420: The Musical



Hipnotic Citonpih

Co-MC @ Union Sq

Leland Radovanovic