Dear NYC cannabis community:

Due to the serious challenges that the coronavirus poses to the health, safety and economy of New York, the NYCannabis Parade & Rally will not take place this year in the same way that it has for the past four and a half decades.

We’re exploring options for a virtual event. Stay tuned to our website and follow and like us on social media for more information about the event and New York legalization news.




Assembly Member Richard N. Gottfried

Cynthia Nixon

Democratic Candidate for Governor of New York
TV, film and theater actress

Joel Giambra

Candidate, New York State Governor
Former County Executive, Erie County (Buffalo)

Dana Beal

Jeanne Van Duzer Lang

Kim Volman

Michael Zaytsev

Cristina Buccola, Esq.

Founder, Cristina Buccola Counsel PLLC
Member, New York Cannabis Bar Association

Michael O'Malley

Michael P. Whiter

Iraq War Veteran and Marine



Immortal Technique

Chief Rocker Busy Bee

Lord Digga Da Highsmen

Rob Cantrell

Squala Orphan

Ishmael Levi

THr3 Pete

Real One

King Ras Pedro

Lunar Tourists